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Reiki Healing

In Japanese, the word Reiki means 'Universal Life Energy' and is a form of energy healing and holistic therapy developed in 1922 by a Japanese Buddhist monk called Dr Mikao Usui.  I can trace my own Reiki lineage back to Dr Usui directly; the Reiki Master who attuned me was 12th in the lineage. 

Every Reiki session is personal and different people may take different benefits from their healing, depending on what they are facing at the time of each session. 


One to One Healing

Reiki is used to promote healing and well-being in the recipient; mind, body and spirit.  This is achieved by using the positive healing energy from the Universe. 


There are many benefits to Reiki; 

- improved sleep pattern 

- reducing stress and anxiety

- cleansing and balancing the chakra system

- aids in the relief of chronic conditions. 

The beginning of every 1:1 session will include a room cleanse in the room of your home where we will be having your session. I will then talk you through a small meditation to ready you for your healing.

1 hour Reiki session, including room cleanse: £30

1 hour Reiki with guidance session, including room cleanse: £35


Distance Healing

Reiki energy is a universal healing energy where the practitioner acts as a conduit, this is why Reiki works as a distance treatment. Energy is energy, no matter the distance or time between the practitioner and the receiver.

Many people prefer and still feel a huge benefit of having distance Reiki. Although every type of Reiki is hands off, for some people the extra distance can induce a more relaxed state.

We will start the session with a short call to get you into a relaxed space for you to be able to accept the energy being sent to you. The session will then continue off phone as you relax in your safe space at home. 

1 hour Reiki session: £20

1 hour Reiki session with guidance: £25

Animal Healing

Animals have an intense sense of energy, which is why they can react so well to Reiki healing.

Using my own knowledge of animal behaviour, learnt from a lifetime of being surrounded by animals and almost 10years working in the Animal Care sector, I can confidently practice Reiki on your beloved pet by understanding how comfortable your pet is with my presence in their space.

The beginning of every Animal Healing session, I will spend as much time as necessary allowing your pet to relax in my company, until they feel safe enough for me to deliver Reiki. I will never force an uncomfortable or scared animal into a position that is detrimental to them- everything is done at their own individual pace.

1 hour 1:1 Reiki session including room cleanse: £25

1 hour Distance Reiki Session: £15


20% OFF

Bulk book a minimum of 4 sessions to receive a 20% discount! 

You can even mix and match your bookings to receive this offer!

Get in Touch

To get in touch,  book services, or for any general queries, either fill in the adjoining form, message me on social media or email me.


I always aim to reply to any message within 2 days. 

Lancing, West Sussex

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