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As we approached the Summer Solstice, I was filling with a fiery passion and energy that has spurred me on to create something that has been rattling around in my mind for years now.

All around me are the great blessings that I have received within the past year; my home, my loving partner, my beautiful baby boy. These are the miracles that the Universe sent to me since I sat and looked deep within myself on the Winter Solstice of 2021. I was ready then for my family to be built, to create a home from not just my own space, but of the people that surround me.

Now is the time that I build something for myself, and for the people I wish to help in the future. On the Summer Solstice last year, I undertook the beginning of this journey- I completed my First Degree in Reiki. On that day, I dedicated my journey to continual growth, helping people heal, spreading peace and joy and to my family. Throughout the year, as inside me a new life was growing, so was this idea. I have been slowly building the idea of helping people and spreading the light I want to see in a way that I feel is authentic and from my heart.

As the Summer Solstice approached this year, I could feel the passion inside me building into an exhilarating and invigorating energy that has brought me to this place. Writing this, I was sat on the floor of my lounge, my baby rolling around the floor, 60s music playing in the background. I hadn’t woken up that morning thinking this would be where my day would lead, but the energy of the Summer Solstice; the energy of the Sun that lifts us, inspires us, and allows us to light our own fires, has led me to this exact spot.

I have so many ideas coming in my bid to spread the light energy that I adore from my Spiritual work, and I am excited to share these in the coming future. I believe everything happens for a reason, and in the right time. I believe it is no coincidence that the fire within me for this project has ignited so boldly on the Summer Solstice this year. After all, I have been growing myself throughout the years to become the person I needed to be for this, and the Solstice is the perfect time for action, for hope and growth.

On the Summer Solstice every year, we look to nature to see the beauty of love and magic, of abundance and growth- this year I see it within my own home, within my child and within myself.

Today it has been 6 weeks since I wrote this.

6 weeks of feeling emboldened and empowered in a way I never have before. 6 weeks of continuing my spiritual learning and gaining my Reiki Level 2 qualification. 6 weeks of preparing for what I truly feel is part of my purpose on this Earth in this life.

Today, I launch this website to aid my journey of healing others; of bringing light, love and comfort to others.

Today, I rededicate my journey to continual growth, to helping people heal, spreading peace and joy, and to my family.

Today, and every day, I thank you for being a part of this continual journey and I look forward to working with you.

Love and Light,




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