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My name is Tasha, the proud creator behind Tranquil Spirit.

My whole life I have been drawn to Spirituality, and the peace and tranquillity that I find within my practices. From a young age I found that I could pick up on the energy within a place, from other people and sometimes even from those who had passed. Now, I'm no Medium, but I do believe that my psychic intuition can help me to connect to energies around me and to understand what messages are being sent through my spiritual practices. ​

Tranquil Spirit was born in my mid-20s when I was in desperate need of some tranquility in my life after a tumultuous few years. Learning to love myself, where my life was, and the new direction it had taken took a lot of work, and some days its still a struggle! ​ 


My aim for Tranquil Spirit is, and always has been, to bring tranquillity, self-love, and light to people's lives. Nowadays, I hope to do this with Tarot/Oracle card readings, and through the amazing healing power of Reiki. 

Get in Touch

To get in touch,  book services, or for any general queries, either fill in the adjoining form, message me on social media or email me.


I always aim to reply to any message within 2 days. 

Lancing, West Sussex

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